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Selección musical de David Byrne
"Siempre inquieto, curioso y fan de la música, desde hace unos cuantos años David Byrne mantiene en su sitio (davidbyrne.com) una radio online que programa una vez por mes. "
Lanacion.com.ar , 02.02.2013

Radio Is Doing Fine... Online
Let the term radio expand to the web and indulge in the many offerings that were once just found along a dial.
Jane Jansen Seymour, PopMatters, 4.9.2010

Featured Playlist: December Radio
"David Byrne's latest radio stream entitled "Full Disclosure" boasts a pretty good mix of hot-off-the-press pop music."
MOG.com, 12.01.2009

Station to Station: Radio David Byrne is in tune with the digital age
"In my tiny little brain, I imagined the former Talking Heads singer broadcasting from his garden shed, talking to his listeners about the stuff occupying his mind."
Johnny Dee, The Guardian, 6.26.2009

Village Voice Best of NYC October 15th Reader's Poll Winners
"...as a certified music nut, Gothamite David Byrne can’t help himself from indulging in yet another project..."
The Village Voice, 10.15.2008

Radio David Byrne: My A&R Guy
"For one or two days a month I queue up David Byrne's Radio Station on the web and listen to his two-hour loop of new, wonderful, delicious tunes…"
Kevin Kelley, Cool Tools, 2.18.2008

Playlist of your dreams
"It's like the Radio 1 daytime playlist of your dreams."
The Guardian (UK), 9.7.2007

Internet Radio Threatened by New Fees
"If this [rate change] stays, we’re done. Back to the stone age again."
Newsweek / MSNBC, 4.30.2007

Best Music Websites
"…he also pens related essays that are as insightful as you'd expect from the pop smarty."
Entertainment Weekly, 5.26.2006

The Changing View of Downloading Music
NPR Day to Day, 3.29.2005

David Byrne Launches Internet Radio Station
"'…If people have any curiosity, let's make [what I'm listening to] available, let people see for themselves what they think.'"
BoingBoing, 3.28.2005